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Welcome to TwirlPix Digital Imaging Services!
Aerial Photography - Film to DVD - 35mm Slide, Microfiche, Microfilm and Aperture Card Scanning - Photo Restoration - Virtual Tours
DVD & CD Duplication - Facility Photos - Interactive Training Simulations - Video Production

Convert Old Films to Digital
16 & Super 8 & 8mm Sound or Silent
Film & Video to DVD Conversion
High Quality Transfers of Film & Video to DVD, MiniDV or AVI
  • Film, VHS, Hi8, Digital8, Audio to DVD, .AVI file or MiniDV
  • 8mm, Super8, 16mm, Sound or Silent Film
  • Frame by Frame Digital Capture
  • Video Tape to DVD - VHS, Hi8, 8mm, MiniDV
  • Color and Exposure Correction
  • Add Optional DVD Menus, Music Tracks, Voice Overs, Graphics
  • Combine with other still photographs & slides
  • Host your Movies on the web!
  • Quick turn-around in 2-3 days using our own lab!

CD & DVD Duplication, Printed DVD and CD Available
  • Large Capacity, High Speed Duplication
  • Robotic Printing directly on CD/DVD Available
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Paper sleeves, jewel box, plastic DVD case available
  • Sorry - No copyrighted material allowed unless you own the copyright
Aerial Drone Photography
  • Roof Inspections
  • Land Surveys
  • Event Photography
  • Home / Real Estate Imaging

Convert 35mm Slides to
High Resolution Photoshop Images
35mm Slide Scanning to Digital Photos
  • High Capacity Scanning of Slides
  • Digital ICE Dust and Scratch Correction
  • Color Optimizing
  • We Also Scan Aperture Cards, Microfilm & Microfiche to digital
  • Quick turn-around in 2-3 days for most orders.

Convert Analog Audio from 1/4 inch tape
to any Digital File type
Analog Audio to Digital
  • From 1/4 Inch tape, cassettes, video or other
  • To Uncompressed .WAV files (lossless)
  • CD or DVD or Video
  • .MP3, .WMA, .MOV & Others
  • Noise reduction

Fix old Photographs
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
  • Remove Dust & Scratches
  • Correct Faded Colors
  • Reprint at any Size
  • Photo Content Editing
  • Canvas Giclee prints available!

Virtual Tours
Virtual Tours
  • 360 Degree Interactive Photographs
  • REALTour, JAVA, QTVR and FLASH playback
  • Real Estate Packages Available
  • Free Hosting for 1 year

Video Capture & Editing
Video Capture and Editing
  • Educate your customers about your products
  • We can photograph or use your raw footage!
  • Organize your videos, music, still photos
  • Create DVDs for your kid's sports team!
  • Make a program to show on the Web or the big screen.
  • Great for enhancing the quality of your website presentation

360 Degree Object Photography
Object Photography
  • Up to 360 x 360 Degree Interactive Photographs
  • Spin, twirl and zoom interactively

Facility Photography
Facility Photography
  • 360 Degree Interactive Photographs
  • Multi-exposure still photographs
  • High resolution still photos
  • Suitable for printed brochures or web display
  • Video

Click to Load sample training session.
(loads in about a minute)
We Build Interactive Training Simulations
  • Software demonstrations
  • Scenario-based training
  • eLearning
  • User walk-through, quizes
  • We Host Content!
  • Captivate, Camtasia or video-based

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